What is the “Hannaford Helps” bag?

The Hannaford Helps bag is a durable, reusable shopping tote that makes it easy for you to contribute to your local community. Every time you purchase one of the specially designed blue bags with the gold handles, Hannaford donates $1 to a local Cause. Donations support groups focused on education, civic, and health and wellness.

What is the “Fight Hunger” bag?

The Fight Hunger bag is another great reusable bag that also allows you to support your community!  Every time you purchase a Fight Hunger bag, Hannaford donates $.25 to a local Hunger Relief Agency. With local food pantries using a conservative estimate of $.25 providing 1 meal, each sale of the Fight Hunger bag makes a big impact in the fight against hunger in our communities. In fact, Feeding America recognizes that $1 = 11 meals!

How will these nonprofits be selected?

Each month, store leaders will choose a local Cause aligned with the Hannaford Helps bag and a Hunger Relief Agency to align with the Fight Hunger bag. The chosen nonprofits are posted on the reusable bag rack for the duration of their benefiting month.

Are there other benefits provided by the bag?

When you use the Hannaford Cause Bag, you show others that you care about the community and also about the environment, because you are not using paper or plastic to carry your groceries home.

How much do the bags cost?

The Hannaford Helps bag costs $2.50, with $1 of that purchase going to support a Cause in your community.
The Fight Hunger bag costs $1.50 with $.25 of that purchase going to support a Hunger Relief Agency.

When I buy the bag, do I have to do anything else? How will the nonprofit get their donation?

With each bag you purchase, the donation will automatically be sent to a local community nonprofit.

Where can I purchase these bags?

Hannaford Cause bags are available at all 181 Hannaford stores.  To find the Hannaford supermarket nearest you, visit the store locater site. You also may purchase bags in bulk — a terrific way to show your support for the community. The bags make great gifts for friends, family, colleagues and members of any groups you are involved with, since you are giving a gift to them and to the community at the same time. For information on bulk orders, please contact info@bags4mycause.

What are the bags made of?  Where are they made?

The bags are made from 95% recycled materials from either non-woven or woven Polypropylene.  They are manufactured in China and Vietnam in factories that follow the strictest guidelines for employment and production standards.

Will the bags be easy to find in the store?

The bags are available at various registers and the reusable-bag display rack shown here.

How many nonprofits benefit from the bags?

Every month, Hannaford contributes money to approximately 362 nonprofits across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Massachusetts through this program – one Cause and one Hunger Relief Agency per store. Recipient organizations change monthly.

What is the goal of this program?

Hannaford is partnering with customers to support local nonprofits and reduce waste. The grocer believes that our community grows stronger when we work together.

Can I see which nonprofit is benefiting from my bag purchase?

You can visit this site to learn the names of each month’s recipients, and you can watch donation totals grow as we update the numbers! The names of each month’s recipient nonprofit will also be posted on the reusable bag rack at each store.

How do I find out about Hannaford helping my nonprofit?

Hannaford is committed to local nonprofits and always welcomes suggestions. Click here to learn more about our Community Giving.